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Hansa Festival in Parnu

During many centuries Pärnu was a connecting-link between medieval Europe and Russia, being a port, trade center and hanseatic town.

In 2010, the people of Pärnu will have the honour of hosting the contemporary Hanseatic cities at the International Hanseatic days.

International Hanseatic Days

24/06/2010 – 27/06/2010


Riisa Rantso – Riisa Ranch

If you are looking for a peaceful place to rest, far from the noise of the city, want to hike or take part in sports in a beautiful environment, wish to celebrate some event or do something similar, then Riisa Rantso is a perfect place for you.

Riisa Rantso  (Riisa Ranch) is a guesthouse located by the Halliste River in the middle of Soomaa National Park. Accommodation consists of three types of newly renovated houses.

All rooms offer a nice view to the river, forests and nearby fields.

Guests may also enjoy the Russian sauna, Finnish sauna or hot bathtubs next to the river.

Children are welcome to the property – there are swing sets, a crossbeam, a ballpark and a sandbox.

Riisa Rantso have been operating since 2007.

The lower floor is a spacious log cabin, a cozy living room with fireplace and lesoga (istepingiga hot), and a kitchen corner, where there is a stove, fridge, sink and needed recovery.

The living room also has TV, stereo and sofa.
The log house is a sauna, shower and toilet. The second floor has 10 sleeping in one room.
Outdoor barbecue, barbeque terrace in case of rain.

House prices 3200th – (with tünnisaunaga 4000th -)

A new convenient 2008th was completed GUESTHOUSE has 5 rooms with 13-ne sleeper. Rooms have separate entrances and each room has a shower and toilet. Room prices:

  • 3 Double room – 750th
  • 2-Bran triple room – 650th
  • 2 – Double room (shower and toilet with two rooms in addition) 600
  • 50th Extra bed

Prices do not include breakfast.

The whole house 3500 th –

Legs plain cabin for hikers
An original log plain cabin for hikers need to be built in early spring legs.

Two-matkaonnis is sleeping max 3 persons.
Happy is the television.
Open-air barbecue.
Washing of the Russian sauna with showers.
Children’s favorite!

700th plain cabin for hikers daily rental – companionship

8000th rent the entire complex –
The price includes:

  • Accommodation in a log house (10 people), the guest house (13 people), matkaonnis feet (3 people).
  • Total accommodation 26 persons.
  • Camping in unlimited quantities.
  • Tünnisaunaga with Russian sauna, Finnish sauna, a log house.
  • Auditors Grill, rowing, grillimiskohad and trees.
  • The use of a private courtyard.
  • Courtyard of a village swing, trampoline for children, a sand pit, volleyball court and korvpallirõngad.

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Parnu Accordian Festival

The 27th Pärnu Accordion Music Festival, originally a one day event, has over the years grown into an international festival held over several days. During the festival a competition for bands and orchestras takes place, and the number of contestants has grown to over 200.

XXVIII Pärnu Accordion Music Festival is happening from 27 – 30 October 2010
The Pärnu Airport services charter flights. Pärnu is also a well-known resort, it boasts having spas and a variety of accommodation for about 4000 visitors.

Hotel Victoria Parnu

The Hotel Victoria Parnu is a  unique small hotel at the heart of Pärnu which contains comfortable rooms and an à la carte restaurant Cafe Grand in the Twenties style.

This singular building was competed in 1926 and influenced by the beautiful architecture of the previous century.

This influence can be felt in rooms of different sizes, original layout and wide windows.

Today, Victoria Hotel offers comfortable accommodation and quality service.

Further information:
For families, Breakfast included in price, WiFi, Pets allowed, Sauna complex, Car park

Address: Kuninga 25, Pärnu
Phone: +372 444 3412
FAX +372 444 3415


Ponka Puhketalu Hotel Parnu

The Ponka Puhketalu Hotel Parnu is  located in the area between Tori Hobusekasvandus (Famous Estonian horse breeding farm) and Soomaa National Park in Pärnu county within beautiful counrtyside where it is possible to closely veiw wild animals and birds.

The accommodation at Ponka Puhketalu Hotel Parnu is in the style of a traditional farmhouse from 1950s which has been recently renovated.

Facilities have been created for health- and disabled travellers.

It is possible to arrange trainings, conferences and seminars for up to 30 people. At the moment we have accommodation for 19+3(extra beds) persons. Enjoy the opportunity to canoe, hike, bicycle-ride, fish and photograph or explore along the local nature paths.

It is possible to play volleyball during the summer and skate and ski in the winter.

Let us organize your special celebrations or functions with national folk music and local catering.

We can cater up to 30 people inside the house (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or up to 60 outside in the garden. We specialize in local ecologically clean produce.

Why not to enjoy a cosy picnic in our beautiful farm garden! It is possible to use the kitcen facilities in our house to provide your friends and family a wonderful dinner.

Further information:
For families, Meals available if booked in advance, Barbecue area, Sports facilities, Caravan parking, Camping area, Seminar room

Address: Rätsepa küla, Tori vald
Phone: +372 522 6909
Phone: +372 5623 2270


Discover Soomaa

Discover Soomaa is a tour operated by Aivar Ruukel of Karuskose Ltd. who is also the founder of the Estonian Ecotourism Association.

The Discover Soomaa tour is 5 hours in Duration:with a cost of 70Eur per person, if arriving in Parnu inclusive of transfer cost and a cost per person of 50 Eu if joining the tour in soomaa

The tour includes a wilderness lunch, English-speaking guide, and equipment for canoeing and departs every Monday.

Explore the maze of bogs and wetlands in Soomaa, including fairytale landscapes, meadows and forests, while encountering beavers, migratory birds, lynxes and wolves? After a day of taking in wondrous Estonian landscapes, head back into Pärnu and go for a stroll in its quaint tree-lined streets.

Karuskose is bringing you the best of ecotourism, a experience to take home and tell friends about.. Join the tour today..


Vanaoue Guesthouse

Today Vanaõue is a pleasant recreation complex that is often referred to as a prosperous tourism destination in southern Estonia. Being situated near the versatile Navesti river just around Soomaa National Park and Navesti Nature park, Vanaõue is an inspiring place to get away from the buzz of the city and enjoy a wide range of activities offered by your dedicated hosts

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Sea kayaking in Parnu

The sea-kayaking tours will take you to Pärnu Bay and the neighboring islands in the sea such as Kihnu, Manilaid, and Sorgu.

A number of different Companies are offering sea kayaking
360 kraadi seiklused
Address: Sõtke, Märjamaa vald
Phone: +372 5622 2996

Description: We offer different activities according to season: canoeing and sea kayaking in summer, bog- and snowshoeing in autumn and winter.

MTÜ Paikuse Aerutamisklubi
Address: Tiigi 5, Sindi linn
Phone: +372 5563 0069
Seikle Vabaks
Address: Mihkli 10, Pärnu
Phone: +372 5650 0550

Description: Seikle Vabaks (Freedom of Adventure) team is offering you an adventure of your lifetime! We can combine adventurous activities with hiking in wild nature and make it suitable for you and your friends! What we offer: hiking in wilderness, kayaking on sea, bogshoeing, kicksledging, swing 360 degrees, archering, GPS-games.

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Parnu Mud Baths

Description: Pärnu Mud Baths The neo-classicist building of the Mud Baths is one of the most important symbols of the Pärnu resort.

It was built in 1926-1927 in place of a bathing house that was burned down in World War I.

The history of the Pärnu Mud Baths, but also of the resort can however be tracked down to the year 1838 when the bathing house by the sea offered warm sea baths in the summer and hot sauna in the winter.

The resort started to develop rapidly in the 1890s.

In the Soviet era, the so-called temple of health started to serve the health of the working people; after Estonia’s independence, it became deserted and lost its function. Now, however, a new owner has been found and perhaps it will once again become one of the main symbols of the Pärnu resort!

Address: Ranna pst 1, Pärnu


Raimond Valgre sculpture

Description: Statue of Raimond Valgre The musician Raimond Valgre who played in Pärnu in 1930s and brought the town a lot of fame, can today be found sitting in the park near Kuursaal, as a bronze statue.

The author of the statue is Rait Pärg. You too can sit down next to the beloved Estonian composer and enjoy his beautiful compositions.

Also be sure to go to the traditional Homage to Valgre musical night that takes place every summer, when Estonian star singers perform Valgre’s immortal songs at the outdoor stage.

Address: Mere pst 22, Pärnu