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Tostamaa manor

Description: The beautifully renovated Tõstamaa Manor has a colourful history and it is one of the best known sights in the area.

Even though it has a late classicist appearance, the manor was established in the Middle Ages. It has been used as a school since 1921.

You can go on a tour of the manor where you will learn about its history and see its rooms. The wall and ceiling murals, the beautiful main staircase and the room under the mantle chimney are particularly impressive.

Useful information!

The last owner of the manor was Alexander Stael von Holstein, a famous Orientalist who even became a professor at the University of Beijing.

The crown of the manor, which is under heritage and nature conservation, is an oak with a top whose diameter is 23 m.

Address: Kalli maantee 13, Tõstamaa alevik, Tõstamaa vald
Phone: +372 5346 8635

activity event

Juri Jaanson’s Two Bridges Run

Named after the former world champion in rowing and the silver medal winner in Beijing Olympics, it is a popular public event, the track of which overlaps with the Two Bridges route. The Run has become a valued trademark presenting Pärnu as a healthy city, contributing to promoting the city’s image.
Gorgeous weather and a smooth korraldustöö did today, 5th a great event in September to Sunday, from which both participants and spectators were part of the thousands of sports friends. held for the tenth time Juri Jaanson two bridges running at the starting line brought about 1,100 runners and nearly 350 käijat.
Surprisingly, a lot of participation mudilasi lastejooksudes and may also be noted that the new players are once again set a record. That the public to practice the sport popular among the people during the pleasure of the Management Committee and a willingness to organize as early as next year, 11th running events.

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Parnu Film and Video Festival

The Pärnu Int. Documentary Film Festival, founded in 1987, is the oldest film festival in Estonia.
The aim of the festival in general is to support cultural survival of peoples. Only documentary films of high value and quality, recording human activities in social, historical or ecological context are accepted for competition screenings.

Main subjects: Human Interest, Social Issues, Art, Music, Culture, Survival of Indigenous Cultures, Docs for Kids, Author’s POV.

The festival is held every July.

An international jury awards the grand prix for the best film.

Since 1999, a separate competition has been held for films, what will be broadcast in Estonian Television (Estonian People’s Award)

The highlights include:

  • International Competition in Pärnu from July 11 to July 18, 2010.
  • Fascinating thematic travelling program.
  • Films are showed in different towns of Estonia from July 18 to July 25, 2010.
  • 7 interesting documentaries in Estonian Television.
  • New Estonian Documentaries.

The festival centre locates in the Museum of New Art in Pärnu (10, Esplanaadi St.).

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Walking Tours Parnu

Pärnu Guides Association

Pärnu Guides Association was founded in 1994. Today is a union of 39 accredited guide. Are not yet represented in addition to Estonian, Finnish, English, Russian, Swedish and German.

If you need Pärnu, Pärnu County, or the expertise of a guide, then scroll to our list and get yourself an appropriate contact.

Pärnu Guides Association Contact:

Pärnu Tourist Guides Association

The Pärnu Tourist Guides Association was established in 1994 and HAS Currently 39 members. Our working languages include Eesti, Estonian, Finnish, German, Russia and Swedish. When you need a knowledgeable guide to show you around the town or county of Pärnu, please contact one of our guides Working Directly In Your Desired language.

PTGA e-mail:


Linnamehe Guesthouse

Description: Linnamehe Guesthouse offers privacy and comfort for its guests.
For families, Breakfast for additional fee, WiFi, Kid’s playground, Sauna complex, Swimming area, Landscaped area, Barbecue area, Sports facilities, Caravan parking, Camping area

Open all year round
Check in 15.00
Check out 12.00

Open air fireplace with canopy for barbecue

  • Volley-ball field
  • Football field
  • Jagging in the forest
  • Bicycle rental
  • Petanque
  • Swimming possibility for adults in natural pool
  • For children kids pool in summer-time


  • Children play-house
  • Sandpit
  • Swings
  • A lot of space for playing and running as all the territory is in very clean and safe
  • Number of rooms:
    Rooms total 14, Beds 40

    Address: Kuiaru küla, Tori vald
    Phone: +372 44 74 059
    Phone: +372 51 78 379

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    Hommiku Hostel

    Don’t let the ‘hostel’ part of the name fool you.

    Hommiku resembles a tiny hotel, where each and every cushy room comes with its own shower/WC, TV and all of them (except the singles) even have their own little kitchen.

    The second floor of the building which was renovated in 2004 has 8 rooms: 4 double rooms and 4 rooms for three people. In addition, there is a courtyard house for three people.

    Hommiku Hostel & Guest House is located in the centre of Pärnu, on the corner of Rüütli Street and Hommiku Street. The entrance can be found in Hommiku Street, next to café Georg, and is within a walking distance from the bus station, theatre, concert hall, shopping centres Port Artur and Pärnu Keskus, and the beach.

    An iron is available for use.

    Breakfast available at an extra charge of 50 EEK in café Georg.

    The location, right smack dab in the centre of Old Town, is hard to beat.

    14 rooms (singles 500 – 600kr, doubles 600 – 900kr, triples 800 – 1200kr, quads 1100 – 1400kr). Extra bed 200kr, pets 100kr. Breakfast 50kr.

    Address : B-2, Hommiku 17
    tel. (+372) 445 11 22,
    fax (+372) 443 12 14,

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    Ammende Villa Parnu

    Description: Located in the most stylish and fully preserved Art Nouveau building in Estonia, which was built in 1905, the Ammende Villa Hotel & Restaurant was opened to the public in 1999.

    Today, the Ammende Villa is one of the most beloved tourist sights in Pärnu. One need not admire the building only from the outside.

    It houses a world-class hotel and restaurant, where many music and art events are also organized.

    Further information:
    For families, Breakfast included in price, WiFi, Kid’s playground, Car park, Seminar room

    Address: Mere pst 7, Pärnu
    Phone: +372 447 3888
    FAX +372 447 3887

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    Koidula Park Hotel

    The Koidula Park Hotel is located in the heart of Pärnu. There is a view of the park named after the beautiful poetess Lydia Koidula and a lane lined with 150-year-old oaks from the hotel’s windows.

    The building, which was built in 1905, was totally renovated at the beginning of 2002 and an addition was added to the courtyard side of the building.

    The hotel’s interior design is inspired by the traditional fashions of the first half of the 20th century. The result is a pleasant and cozy 39-room tourist hotel with a meeting room, where you will always want to return!

    Further information:
    For families, Breakfast included in price, Rooms for guests with allergies, Rooms for disabled people, WiFi, Pets allowed, Car park, Seminar room

    Address: Kuninga 38, Pärnu
    Phone: +372 447 7030
    Phone: +372 447 7032
    FAX +372 447 7033