Pärnu is not only a stretch of beach but it also boasts a flourishing cultural life and hosts numerous festivals, live music and events throughout the year. To keep track of the latest news on upcoming Pärnu events, festivals, exhibitions and cultural celebrations, be sure to visit this page regularly. When visiting an event in Parnu, be sure to check out our range of Parnu Hotels!

Main events 2010
11th Estonian Line Dance Festival June 12 – 13, Sassi Horse Farm in Audru district and Pärnu,
Put on your Stetson, riding boots and giddyup! The festival actually set a Guinness World Record back in 2006 for ‘World’s Longest Silent Line Dance’, so if anyone talks they’re disqualified. In 2007 that record was beaten by a bunch of Canadians and the Estonian didn’t much like that, so in 2008 they organised a good old fashioned ‘line dance lynching’, 2354 people showed up and secured the record once again. Participants
wearing skirts, and pants from all over the Baltic region have been invited, let’s wish them luck and a big howdeeee.

30th International Hanseatic
Days June 24 – 27, various locations throughout Pärnu,
Pärnu is finished warming up and is now ready to host the International Hanseatic Days. This event will welcome over 2000 delegates from former Hanseatic cities, they’ll reminisce about the good old days of ‘the League’, they’ll also dress the part and it’s a pretty good excuse to not shower for a few days. Hanseatic traders, craftsmen – and women, minstrels… wandering and otherwise will be on hand, and of course you
can’t have a Hanseatic event without a knights’ tournament.

Pärnu should see over 100,000 people in attendance at this event so make sure to book your hotel well in advance or you’ll be sleeping on the beach.

A Bow to Valgre July 02 – 04,
Ammende Villa garden (A-3) and various locations around the city. Pärnu-born musician Raimond Valgre (1913 – 1949), holds a special place in the hearts of Estonians and Finns alike. Along with his own timeless music, this year’s tribute will also include music written by his contemporaries.

David Oistrakh Festival July 05 – 31,
Pärnu Concert Hall (p.8), Eliisabeti Church (p.27),
One of Estonia’s biggest and most established classical music festivals, this one honours the accomplished Soviet-era violinist, David Oistrakh, who spent his summers in Pärnu, and attracts a large number of well-known musicians and conductors from all over the world.

Street and Beach Basketball Championships 2010
July 10 – 11, Kaubamajakas Shopping Centre parking lot (p.34) and the beach in front of Sunset Nightclub (p.25). Forget beach volleyball, that’s old news – how about beach basketball? We’re still trying to
figure out the logistics of how to bounce the ball on the sand or in the water, but apparently it’s something not to miss. There is also a more traditional street version to be played as well and the finalists
will be chosen to particpate in the world’s biggest street basketball event, The Moscow Open. The traditional 3on3 games will take place on Saturday July 10th in the parking lot of Kaubamajakas. The Beach Basketball event will take place on Sunday July 11th, in front of the Sunset nightclub, and it will be played with feet in water.

24th Pärnu Film Festival July 11 – 25,
Museum of New Art (p.8),
What started out as a small festival has grown into a major documentary and anthropology film event that brings together amateur cinematographers and enthusiasts from around the world. The seemingly endless list of films can be found on the centre’s website, listed above.

Pärnu Opera Days July 09 – 10, Pärnu Concert Hall (p.8),
In simple terms, ‘Opera Days’ means in fact two opera events held on consecutive evenings. This year, Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin’s “Prince Igor” will be reenacted expertly by the National Academic Bolshoi Opera company and the Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus.

9th International Baltic-Nordic Harmonica Festival 2010 July 30 – August 01,
Pärnu Kuursaal (p.25),
Harmonica players from all over Europe take part in gala and open-air concerts and workshops all over the city. According to the organisers this is the ‘not-tomiss’ party of the season and it was one of the top events for both young and old in Pärnu last summer. I know, right? The harmonica is the new ‘electric guitar’, Jimmy Hendriks played one so it’s gotta be cool, right?

17th International Nude Art Exhibition “Man & Woman”
June – August, Museum of New Art (p.8), www.
Now in its 17th year, this annual exhibition aims to promote the talents of the artists and open the eyes of society to the power, frailty, beauty and sometimes ugliness of the human condition.

Pärnu Blues Days August 02 – 07,
Pärnu Yacht Club restaurant (p.20) and downtown Pärnu,
Tallinn has it’s successful jazz events and that made Pärnu feel kind of blue – so a few folks got together to do something about it. Now in its second year, the Blues Days will feature a few international artists and some talented Estonian locals. There will be workshops to help amateurs channel their inner B.B. King and nightly concerts at the yacht club. A gala event featuring all of the musicians and indeed some of the, hopefully well trained, amateurs will take place in downtown Pärnu at the conclusion of the event.

12th Pärnu Porcelain Days August 06 – 09,
Nooruse Maja (p.9),
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about hand-painted porcelain, including workshops and competitions.

Pärnu Art Nights August 14 – 15, Pärnu city centre (A-7) and Rannapark (Beach Park) (B-4).
Apparently everyone has an inner artist and this event certainly aims to exploit that. There’ll be a variety of workshops dedicated to all sorts of different artistic endeavours, including theatre, literature, painting, handi-crafting, fashion, and everybody is invited to participate. There are also workshops for kids, and a night
cinema running romantic films under the stars.

Night of Ancient Lights August 28, Pärnu Coast.
This tradition which originated during the ‘Viking Era’, was revived in Finland in the 1990’s and has spread all over the Baltic region. The ancient happening now helps to promote unity among all the Baltic nations and on this night, flares and fires can be seen on the coasts of Finland, Åland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and
all over Estonia.