Soomaa National Park

Description: The national park was established in 1993 to protect a pristine area of bogs and marshes, species-rich meadows and a variety of forests.

Its diverse nature, unique suspension bridge, distinctive boat culture and five seasons have made it a very popular attraction.

The Soomaa National Park visitors centre in Kõrtsi-Tõramaa has a permanent exhibition and computer programmes designed for visitors.

The most popular sights in the national park are the Ruunaraipe meadows, the beaver trail, the Riisa bog trail, the Mulgi hay fields, the Oksa complex, the Latvia viewing platform, the Meiekose study trail and campsite, the Ingatsi trail and viewing tower and its suspension bridges.

Address: Kõrtsi-Tõramaa talu, Tipu küla, Kõpu vald, Viljandi maakond
Phone: +372 435 7164