Tallinn Gate Parnu

Discover parts of Estonia, from long time past. visit the tallin gate of parnu leading the way to tallin. Read more about Parnu at

Description: The so called Tallinn Gate used to mark the beginning of the postal road from Pärnu to Tallinn and was built during the Swedish period in the 17th century.

The medieval fortification system of Pärnu was almost fully destroyed in the preceding Livonian War. The town was surrounded by an entrenchment and one could leave the town through the Vee värav (Water gate) which led to the riverside and into the direction of Riga.

During the teardown of the fortification in the 19th century only the Tallinn Gate was preserved, as well as the embankments and the trench that leads to the Venuse Bastion at the riverside – the so called Vallikäär.

Now visitors are welcome to walk through the monumental Baroque gate and marvel at the beautiful beach district of Pärnu.

Address: Kuninga 1, Pärnu